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Zibo Xincheng Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial equipment manufacturing company, mainly for the national needs of the water-ring vacuum pump industry to carry out business, design and manufacture of water-ring vacuum pump for various industries, after years of development, Zibo Xincheng Machinery Co. , Ltd. has gradually grown into a professional production of water-ring vacuum pump, roots water-ring vacuum pump units and vacuum complete sets of equipment enterprises. I have strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, products using CAD aided design, machining using numerical control equipment. Our vacuum pumps are of excellent workmanship, stable performance and high quality. The main products are Sz, SZB, SK, 2SK, 2SK-p1,2BEA, 2BEC, 2BVA series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors W, Wy, WL, WLW series reciprocating vacuum pumps: 2X, 2XZ series Rotary Vane vacuum pumps; j2s, JZJ2B, jzjzjx, JZJW series roots water ring units, and can be designed according to the needs of users to manufacture vacuum application equipment.

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