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Note: 1. The motor power selected above can work under most working conditions. If the exhaust port pressure is higher (gauge pressure 0.02 ~ 0.05 MPA) , the motor power should be increased correspondingly; if the actual 2BE3 vacuum pump's working pressure corresponding to the shaft power is lower (refer to the shaft power curve) , the motor power close to the shaft power can also be selected, it's much more energy efficient. 2, the above vacuum pump speed is the reference speed, the actual speed according to the transmission mode and customer requirements to determine. 3.2BE3400420 belt drive optional speed: 327349393446475498527rpm. 4. Belt drives are not recommended for vacuum pumps above 2be3500. 5, reducer transmission installation size needs to determine the speed, reducer manufacturers to determine. The pumping rate listed above is the maximum pumping rate of the pump, the actual pumping rate varies with the suction pressure, please refer to the "performance curve" selection. 7. Note: The water temperature of the water ring vacuum pump has a great influence on its performance, and the performance curves of the water ring vacuum pump are all measured at the water temperature of 15 °C, therefore, the pumping rate of water-ring vacuum pump should be modified when the water-ring vacuum pump is selected. Correction: water temperature on the performance of water-ring vacuum pump.

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